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Types of Ministry
Adoption Assistance | Camp Programs | Child Sponsorship | Disabled Orphans | Drugs and Addiction | Education Resources | Family Support | Foster Care | HIV/AIDS Ministry | Human Rights/Legislative Reform | Human Trafficking | Humanitarian Aid | Medical Resources | Micro-Enterprises | Post-Orphanage Transition | Prison/Detention Ministry | Street Children

The CoMission for Children at Risk serves as a network for a variety of ministries serving orphans in different ways.  The term "types of ministry" refers to the specific issues a ministry focuses on.  In our database, we have organizations, resources, and events in these types of ministry:

  • Adoption Assistance
  • Camp Programs  
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Disabled Orphans
  • Drugs and Addiction 
  • Education Resources
  • Foster Care 
  • HIV/AIDS and/or Sex
  • Human Rights/Legislative Reform 
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Medical Resources
  • Micro-Enterprises
  • Orphanage Sponsorship
  • Post-Orphanage Transition Centers
  • Street Children

   For more information on the organizations, resources, and events which fall under each particular type of ministry, please click on the links at the top of this page.

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